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Artists at WIX

SPAA will host a gallery of your artwork on our SPAA WIX website. These pages help you promote and exhibit your work but are not intended as an online marketplace. Your SPAA membership must be current to have a WIX page.

This is the San Pedro Art Association WIX website.

If you are a member artist and want a website on WIX, please e-mail Bill Boisselle-Schalaba and send the following information:

  • 5 to 10 images of your work
  • an image of yourself
  • your bio
  • any links to social media or websites you may have

If you already have a WIX page and want to update your information or images, please contact Bill Boisselle-Schalaba via e-mail. If you have any questions, please feel free to call Bill at his number below.

Bill Boisselle-Schalaba

Artists at Crafted

These artists currently have artwork displayed at Crafted:

  • Steve & Debbie Abshear
  • Luis Campos
  • Renee Capozzola
  • Lisa Costanzo
  • Matt Danon
  • Bobbie Davison
  • Loralin Engal
  • Chuck Famulare
  • Scott Forrest
  • Jim Harter
  • Michelle Harvey
  • Aprile Haynes
  • Linda Heuta
  • Pat Hinz
  • Beverly Holman
  • Margret Inauen
  • Michael Jensen
  • Chris & Dorrie Kelly
  • Douglas Magill
  • Stacey Mitchell
  • Bonnie K. Muir
  • Vickie Myers
  • Mike Piper
  • John Stinson
  • Debbie Sue Stinson
  • Louise Timmer
  • Patricia Wilson



The following statements from CRAFTED are based on the Safe at Work and in Our Communities updated stay-at-home order as of May 26, 2020

For vendors:

MASKS ARE REQUIRED. NO EXCEPTIONS. THIS IS THE LAW. ON CUSTOMERS, STAFF AND VENDORS. ALL THE TIME. PERIOD. Vendors are not required to wear masks when working alone in their booth during the week. Staff is not required to wears masks at their own desks.

Due to the enclosed space - avoid the office whenever possible. If you need something printed, ask one of us to do it/retrieve it.

No hugging, no handshakes, no nothing. 6 FEET of distance at all times.

For classes:

Classes must be limited to ten people total and household groups must be separated by six feet.

For customers:

Customers will only be allowed to enter through the picnic area door, where a greeter will do a mask check and offer hand sanitizer. The other doors will be open, but blocked by a chain and a sign asking people to use the front entrance.

Customers who are non-compliant about the masks/sanitizer/social distance will be asked to wait outside while an ambassador gathers their items (assuming they know what they want) or to wear a new mask provided by Crafted.

Shopping by appointment during the week will remain available as will curbside pickup.

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